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Talented men and women with enormous artistic potential face untold disadvantages in Africa today.

Penelope Penzo's® philosophy is to capture and nourish this potential to enable each person to develop a marketable skill, build a sense of pride, and experience pleasure in their accomplishments and thereby giving them a meaningful place in society.

Penelope Penzo's® Ceramic & Porcelain Tableware items are approved by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration and uphold the highest quality and standards concurring with Western regulations.


A joyous declaration of Africa, its people and its character!

Penny Vincent is a world renowned Artist and her works of art are instantly recognizable by her ceramic illustrations of brightly colored and detailed hand painted animals, peacefully enjoying and playing amid her native African surroundings.

Infusing her compelling love and respect for her homeland, Zimbabwe, Penny Vincent has captured the innocence of these beautiful African creatures and imaginatively paints each piece as a “one of a kind”. Galleries, Art Circles, and Private Collectors worldwide seek out and marvel at her works of art!

Her Dinnerware and Accent items are well known and highly sought after, embracing the reputation as “functional and useful pieces of art” enjoyed by families and individuals, as well as by Professional Athletes, Royalty, and Celebrities!! Whether starting with a 12 piece table setting or even a single piece, it inevitably lends itself, to a desirable continuation of collecting, which can offer added value to one’s estate.

What women and men love and value most about Penelope Penzo®ware is that no two people in the world have the same dinnerware or accent items, even though others may have the same collection lines! They recognize and appreciate that when they own Penelope Penzo® items they are each an original and one of a kind!

~ In short, Penelope Penzo®ware is a living, highly functional piece of artwork, which guarantees an original, stylish element to your home and is certain to enhance your table for any and all occasions.

Penny Vincent is most famous for her brilliantly colorful jungle animal motifs, named Penzo® Mashona and Penelope Penzo® Safari Splendour Collections. From highly decorated espresso cups to illustrious large vases, and colorful dip bowls to 3D Master Pieces and boastful wine coolers …all are blank canvases for cavorting monkeys, elephants, giraffes, lions, cheetahs and others that play amid lush trees and forever reaching plains.

The current collections in Penelope Penzo® include:

SAFARI SPLENDOUR - the African animals painted in brilliant bright colors.

SAFARI BLUE & WHITE - the African animals painted in blue and white colors.

MAURITIUS - (moor-ish-us) featuring fanciful underwater sea life on Porcelain de Limoges.

LARA & LILY - detailing spectacular and dazzling butterflies.

BLUE FEATHER - blue & white designs on high quality porcelain.

HARVEST In PROVENCE - whimsical designs in four different color designs.

LAUREN - offering sophisticated options of customization.

SAFARI GARDEN - Soon to come in 2018 is Penelope Penzo® collection depicting the heavenly flora of gardens combined with African wildlife.

These beautiful compilations present a balance of nature to this legendary Penelope Penzo® art, remembering Africa as surrounded by water and home to some of the most exotic species on Earth.

Penny Vincent’s story of how she began to paint and then later taught her fellow native Zimbabweans to both interpret her art while inspiring their own, and her struggle to bring their work forward, starting in 1993 at first selling to tourists from a table at a small crocodile farm in Victoria Falls!

Then in due course, found herself selling to the sheik and savvy galleries of Beverly Hills, and then to Paris, Amsterdam and ultimately around the world. Perhaps, more remarkable though is her ongoing struggle to assist her community in Zimbabwe to survive and assist them to gain a marketable skill and continue to produce and export these beautiful pieces of art amid growing and difficult political and economical conditions in Zimbabwe

Penzo® (Penny’s nickname) and her story are just as multi dimensional as her Penelope Penzo® art pieces! In meeting Penny, at once you see a tall beautiful blonde cultured woman who has found a niche working with Zimbabwean artisans to create her vision of the African animals, plains, and flora. Penny is a native Zimbabwean of Dutch and British decent and grew up on a farm near Masvingo. Right away you sense her strength of character and integrity exposing an intellectual and modest woman! Yet her kindness and huge sense of humor shines! Penny’s radiant smile beams of cheer and happiness. There isn’t a day without her great laughter igniting a charismatic presence!
As many young girls experience, she had an insatiable desire to travel the World and by becoming a critical/intensive care nurse, she was able to fulfill that dream. After completing her education, Penny traveled the globe nearly two decades and lived on all the Earth’s continents, relocating to a new city usually two years after arriving. “Wanderlust” is how she herself describes it. Since her nursing skills were coveted the World over, she was never out of a job or exotic destination.

While working in Saudi Arabia on a nursing stint between 1992 and 1993, an accident resulted in Penny smashing her vertebrae and left her confined to a hospital bed for several months. Bored, restless and longing for her Zimbabwe homeland, this ever-energetic person took up painting during her confinement, experimenting with oil paints on some simple, cheap white plates from the local department store. Being homesick, she tried to bring Africa a little closer to her bare hospital room by creating her beloved homeland in sceneries on these plates. This is how her company Penzo® was born!

Soon there were no plates left anywhere in the area and her creations ended up more in the hands of her friends than on the walls in her room. The moment she began to paint what she knew so well – her native Africa, she realized that she wanted to return home as soon as she was physically able.

Back home in Zimbabwe, in 1993, Penny acquired assistance to bring her work to the next step so she enlisted the help of some of the local unemployed citizens in Victoria Falls. She sought only untrained artists and skillfully trained them to create her own designs and images. In this beautiful village overlooking the mighty Victoria Falls surrounded with an abundance of wildlife and trained by Penny, it didn’t take long before these artists became more proficient and began to express their own inspirations.

As her product grew exponentially, she then went to a local facility for the physically handicapped offering job opportunities to become trained artisans. Overcoming their own physical restrictions, they learned to hand pull the earthenware and produce the high quality white ware on which the artists would hand paint and create these wonderful one of kind pieces! Many of these artisans are now artists themselves. After asking a few friends to help her set up at local attractions and the airport to sell Penzo® – the rest they say is history.

Through the years Penny has offered a different variety of beautiful products along with her dinnerware and accent collections. Table linens, bed linens, cushions, hand painted furniture, large 4 panel screens and many other items. She retires some of these items and changes to add others!

The Penzo® product lines grew increasingly over the years gaining enormous exposure, requests were frequently made for a more sophisticated presentation of the Penzo® lines! Having the desire to continually evolve her creativeness, in 2011 Penny Vincent selected an amazing undertaking! She decidedly evolved and elevated the former Penzo® line intensifying the elements of imaginative uniqueness and quality!
As our product continues to reach out to an exclusive clientele, our Master Artist, Penny Vincent and her Artisans have transformed the Penzo® tableware and accents line to create Penelope Penzo® Ceramic and Porcelain Tableware & Gifts.

Today, many people create Penelope Penzo® with over 80 shapes and sizes available in 8 design lines. A portion of proceeds from the sale of Penelope Penzo® has been given to causes that directly benefit both wildlife conservation and the ongoing attempt to educate native Africans to observe and report corruption, poaching and other abuses that continue to endanger their animals and preserves.

Besides these contributions, Penzo®'s philosophy is that in order to ensure that endangered creatures do not remain only as characters captured by Penelope Penzo® and its artists on the pottery, education is vital for encouraging conservation of wildlife for future generations.

Life in Africa is difficult for a lot of people and wildlife conservation is often a luxury that one cannot afford although this is of the greatest essence for the future of this Continent. Therefore hundreds of school fees for children have been made available by Penelope Penzo®.

“We Do Well By Doing Good.”

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